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A unique integral approach,
enabling tech companies to scale

We provide strategic, tactical and operational expertise in digitization, branding, marketing, sales and customer experience. Holistic and full-service through technology. New digital ground.


Sustainable growth is only possible with a holistic approach

#1 Setting the stage first

As with any transformational journey, laying the groundwork is crucial for the determined outcome. Having a solid understanding of your brand’s ideology and position will ease the road to sustainable growth.

#2 Organizational allignment

Proper alignment between branding, PR & communications, marketing, sales and customer experience is tangibly perceived by the customer. Approach your growth challenge integrally to find comprehensive answers

#3 Utilizing technology to scale

The tech landscape is changing at lightning speed and buying behavior is ever evolving. Choosing the right CMS, CRM and Marketing & Sales Platform is becoming increasingly complex, as it is vital for long-term growth.


A proven approach, for years to come

Understanding our client’s challenges allowed us to develop a five-stage process enabling dynamic growth. By cleverly redoing the commercial puzzle, we create a structure that enhances efficiency and gives clarity to seize new opportunities


Technology neutral as solution to every legacy

In a rapidly changing digital landscape, Nymark thrives on its neutrality. Our Nymark Community allows us to work with any reputable platform. Never a predefined tech framework, always an answer to your legacy. 


“Digital transformation revolves primarily around people. Nymark gets this like no other.”

– Ilse van der Linden, Marketing Manager @ Avery Dennison


Meet Christine: A complex buyer journey, easily explained

Although we know that every company and market is unique, we thought it would be valuable to write down a fictional buying journey in relatively simple words. Here, Christine and her team represent an upcoming customer of your tech company. We’ve detailed her journey chronologically to show you how you can capitalize on key moments of truth.


Branding allows you to build relationships with your audience, which can eventually turn them into loyal customers. You can create a brand that people actually care about and put yourself ahead of businesses that aren’t using this to their advantage.

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements, to improve efficiency, create value and drive innovation.

Our projects usually start with below challenges:

1. “We are not succeeding in achieving our growth objective”

2. “We are running into more and more inefficiencies and blind spots in the commercial organization”

3. “We want to scale up further but don’t know how yet”

4. “Our current commercial efforts are losing traction and we are lacking 360 customer data”

Buying behavior refers to the decision and acts people undertake to buy products or services for individual or group use. Buyer behavior is the driving force behind any marketing and sales process.

Growth that you can handle, that is organized efficiently, that is tenable and impacts your business value positively on every aspect. This does not mean you can’t grow exponentially. As long as your team, processes and (digital) infrastructure are ready for it.

In the context of our projects, digital infrastructure refers to all technologies and digital platforms from which you measure, manage and direct customer behavior and create customer experiences. It includes web environments/applications, CRM, marketing-, sales- and customer experience platform, analytics tools and business intelligence solutions.

The Nymark Community is a network of tech partners, execution partners and freelancers. And, of course, our own core team. At Nymark we want to accomplish great things together with the best and brightest minds in our playing field. Therefore we have been building our own cohesive international community since day one.

The strength of a large firm, with the advantages of a lean agency. With our limited size we tend to stay agile but are able to take on huge international projects. Together with partners from our Nymark Community we are able to provide full-service support on strategic, tactical and operational levels in the global arena. 

Curious how we accelerate your growth? Let's talk.