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5. Execution & Optimization

Stage 5

Execution & Optimization

In this stage we help you with the execution and optimization of commercial operations. This often involves the implementation of new tactics such as inbound marketing and account-based marketing. We will add specialists from our core team and Nymark Community to your commercial teams. We are able to provide you with all necessary disciplines to run your new commercial engine efficiently, such as SEO, content creation, digital marketing, marketing automation, sales enablement and UX/UI.

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  • #5 Execution & Optimization
Execution & Optimization

Smart marketing.

For Agiboo.

In a niche such as commodity trading, a dynamic and highly competitive market, as a CTRM software supplier it is extremely important to be more relevant to your target group than competitors.The challenge is to utilize the search behavior of the target group, active in a highly complex market segment, at an early stage that can eventually lead to a purchase of Agiboo’s software.