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Stage #3


During Stage 3, we implement (parts of) the new digital infrastructure, based on the design from Stage 2. This includes CRM packages, websites/platforms, marketing/sales automation, business intelligence software. At all times we aim to create a cohesive technology stack and “closed loop” (wherein no data is lost and target groups can be tracked in their entire journey).

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What we do

Website, content platform & e-commerce platform

Often the moment when ideas become reality. Your web environment serves so many purposes. It deserves special attention. That’s why we made it one of our core services. From websites to e-commerce environments: we can build it for you. At Nymark, we work with a large number of developers and partners. We always find the best match in terms of technology, people and content.

Marketing, sales & service platform

Doing content marketing or inbound marketing without marketing technology is like cycling without pedals and handlebars. Your web environment needs it. Whether it’s Salesforce, HubSpot or MailChimp, there’s a system to suit every organization and challenge.

Social media preparation

The success of inbound, content and account-based marketing in our domains largely depends on social reach. The chosen social media strategy will already be partly implemented at this stage. Depending on the channel, we will set up everything in accordance with the brand identity and the requirements of execution (Stage 4).


Sometimes the development of an API costs some time and money, but in the long run it saves you tenfold. We will try to connect all your relevant parts, often to a smart centralized marketing CRM.

Smart marketing.

For Agiboo.

In a niche such as commodity trading, a dynamic and highly competitive market, as a CTRM software supplier it is extremely important to be more relevant to your target group than competitors.The challenge is to utilize the search behavior of the target group, active in a highly complex market segment, at an early stage that can eventually lead to a purchase of Agiboo’s software.