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Stage #4


We help you organizing, implementing and increasing the effectiveness of a new integrated way of working in the commercial organization and the deployment of the digital infrastructure. This often involves implementing new methodologies such as inbound marketing and account-based marketing.

The goal is to ultimately make sure you regain full control after this new way of working is in everyone’s DNA. This often takes two or three years. Nymark will then continue to facilitate certain areas of expertise (from SEO to marketing automation and content creation), provide strategic guidance and continue to do project management if necessary.

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Content marketing

The game and the marbles. Content marketing rapidly grew from the creative and traditional emphasis on creating content with a strong focus on conversion, whereby the profession increasingly tests itself in terms of realizing measurable objectives in the field of brand strategy, sales and marketing. After years of focus on the game, today it is also expressly about the marbles. This makes things more difficult, more measurable, but above all, more exciting every day. Helping your audience with relevant content to make a decision that is best for them is still one of the most sustainable approaches in our domains.

Together with Henk Jacobs, thought leader in corporate communications and Prof. Dr. E. (Ed) Peelen, affiliated professor at the University of Amsterdam, director of Nymark Agency, Andries van Oers, wrote a book in 2019 called Scaling Up Content Marketing. Ed and Andries are part of the chair of a content marketing foundation, also affiliated with the University of Amsterdam.

Inbound marketing

In 2005 HubSpot’s CEO, Brian Hannigan, coined the term inbound marketing. Inbound marketing has become crucial as a methodology to attract, engage and delight a specific audience, as a counterpart to mass media advertising. It’s all about generating organic traffic, leads and converting those leads into ambassadors, with an important role for marketing automation. It’s not about promoting the features of your product, but being relevant for your customer’s challenges, problems and interests. Build authority, become a thought leader, and let your audience find you.

Account-based marketing

Try to imagine: instead of trying to generate dozens or hundreds of leads, try to target 3 or 5 companies at the top of your list. Account-based marketing enables you to focus at an early stage on the organizations that are the best match for your organization. ABM is meant for B2B and helps your company to interact with high quality accounts as if they were individual markets.

SEA & Social media advertising

Although Nymark is in favor of pull instead of push, sometimes the flywheel has to be powered up with bought attention. This can be perfectly in line with a substantive approach. We’re specialized in advertising on Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Smart marketing.

For Agiboo.

In a niche such as commodity trading, a dynamic and highly competitive market, as a CTRM software supplier it is extremely important to be more relevant to your target group than competitors.The challenge is to utilize the search behavior of the target group, active in a highly complex market segment, at an early stage that can eventually lead to a purchase of Agiboo’s software.