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Stage #1

Getting to know you

Every project starts with a proper discussion about you, your foundations and your goals. What are we challenging exactly? And why is it challenging for you? In this stage, Nymark conducts in-depth research into the inner and outer world of the client. We analyze the commercial organization, proposition, digital infrastructure, current strategy and ’the playing field’. How is the market developing and how does this relate to your status quo? We lay the foundation for the development of a blueprint of the future commercial organization, the commercial strategy, including new ways of working, and an improved digital infrastructure in Stage 3.

Nymark works with different methodologies, which will be selected (and combined) after an initial orientation, appropriate to the specific situation of the client. We developed our own templates and tools, based on for example McKinsey’s 7S model and other professional literature and models.

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Getting to know you


Brainstorm à la Nymark

Not your ordinary Q&A. After our unique brainstorming sessions, you’ll be energized and exhausted at the same time. We question everything. Not only about your organization and goals, but also/mainly about you. In our team we have graduates of masters e.g. in economic psychology, mathematics and arts. A lot of perspectives. So prepare yourself. We’ll start with a bang.

Brand canvas

After years of experience discussing brand identities we developed our own canvas model. If you want an easy visualization of what your brand is all about, create your brand canvas with us.


We’ll dig deep to find everything we need to start off on the right foot. Not only hard market data will be collected. With the use of different technologies, we can obtain insights in trends, possible market developments and user sentiment. In addition, we can do interviews with representatives of target groups. This is important for creating buyer personas in Stage 2.

Smart marketing.

For Agiboo.

In a niche such as commodity trading, a dynamic and highly competitive market, as a CTRM software supplier it is extremely important to be more relevant to your target group than competitors.The challenge is to utilize the search behavior of the target group, active in a highly complex market segment, at an early stage that can eventually lead to a purchase of Agiboo’s software.