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Stage #2

Strategy & Organization

In Stage 2 we turn our attention to the future. Starting from the status quo analysis from Stage 1, we develop a blueprint for the commercial organization (skills & modus operandi), a (marketing) strategic plan and a design of the future digital infrastructure. We identify the target groups, make their journey integrally visible in, for example, a customer journey map and define which storylines, content resources and channels will be used in which phases of their journey.

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Strategy & organisation


Marketing strategy

Your game plan to reach your goals. Devising the right strategy is no easy task. This is an area where experience does matter, where someone who made several mistakes has more credibility than one who didn’t made any. In this phase we’ll follow our own program wherein we define a (multi-disciplinary) market approach, key elements of product/service, buyer personas, content strategy, social media strategy, etc. At Nymark we love building authority and engaging with target groups by creating relevance and solving their problems. No push, pull.

Brand strategy

If you do not know your identity, your raison d’être or your beliefs, being successful will be very hard. Like brand guru Marty Neumeier says, a brand strategy is “a plan for the systematic development of brand in alignment with a business strategy.” This process of often seems to be really complicated when it shouldn’t. But to achieve what you’ve documented is. Trying to reach for the ultimate goal is worth your time though: when your audience defines your brand exactly the way you meant. The basis for developing your brand strategy is a completed brand canvas in Stage 1.

Content strategy & buyer personas

Nymark removes all unnecessary context and provides a practical no nonsense approach to put your content strategy on paper. It’s important to keep in mind this content strategy is developed to make consistent, intentional choices about content that are based on business goals, brand values and, most importantly, user needs. Before creating your content strategy we must get to know your audience. Your audience will be brought back to 1-3 personas.

Customer journey mapping

Salesforce’s definition: A customer journey map is a visual representation of every interaction a customer has with a brand during its customer journey. The map tells the story of the customer experience at all touch points between customer and organization, from the first contact and purchase to the ultimate goal of long-term brand loyalty.

Organisational structure

Sometimes small things can make a huge difference. But behind those small things, we often find complex problems. One area where that applies is in how to organize your growth. The sharing of information between departments, marketing and service, for example, can turn losses into profits. Describing the opportunity is easy. Creating the solution isn’t. At Nymark, we see a lot of organizations from the inside. Some very efficient, some not. We’d like to share our experience with you.

Next stage

Smart marketing.

For Agiboo.

In a niche such as commodity trading, a dynamic and highly competitive market, as a CTRM software supplier it is extremely important to be more relevant to your target group than competitors.The challenge is to utilize the search behavior of the target group, active in a highly complex market segment, at an early stage that can eventually lead to a purchase of Agiboo’s software.