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Introducing: Meet Christine

A complex buying journey, explained easily

As service providers in digital transformation and commerce, it is crucial to thoroughly understand the inner and outer world of our clients. In a relatively short time, we have to deeply analyze and internalize market dynamics, proposition, organizational structure, commercial processes and digital infrastructure, target groups and customer journeys. That is perhaps the best thing about our profession: every time you are immersed in a new, and in Nymark’s case: often innovative, complex and incredibly interesting world.


However, we regularly ran into a challenge in the customer journey research (of our client’s customers): in order to extract the right information from our client’s organization, it is important that they also have a good understanding of what information we are looking for exactly.


Although we know that every company and situation is unique, we thought it would be valuable to write down a fictional buying journey in relatively simple words, so that our clients would have a better understanding of what Nymark does in this important phase of the collaboration. Without too much technical terminology and in chronological order. We noticed that this perspective was often missing and caused alignment problems later in the process. 


We developed Meet Christine, detailing Christine’s journey i.e. of a potential customer of our client. Initially we used this document in our ongoing projects for alignment purposes, but we actually thought it would be fun to share it with you too. Please note that it is an extensive story, so take your time to read it. We are convinced that if you are on the eve of improving your commercial organization or important parts if it, it can add a lot of value.  

You can download the white paper for free via this page.

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