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We are always
looking for talent.


Senior Marketing Generalist

Nymark is looking for some seriously fun reinforcement.

As a Senior Marketing Generalist you have a lot of knowledge of (almost) all marketing, sales and IT specialisms and channels. You know inbound marketing, content marketing and account-based marketing and follow the latest trends in web development, SEO, marketing automation and social media. You know how marketing/sales platforms such as HubSpot and Salesforce work and where the benefits and challenges lie for the client. You follow our 5-phase approach and run projects such as website development, customer journey mapping, buyer persona creation or implementing marketing technology. And often all of these are connected in our Nymark sequence. You use your own knowledge and experience, but also rely on the expertise of the specialists at Nymark. You will work closely with our Digital Strategists and feel at home supervising clients during digital transformation projects.

In short: you are the one who achieves objectives in cooperation with the client and our team of specialists. From B2B-lead generation to full digitisation of marketing, sales and service.


You have to challenge, inspire and activate us, yourself and our clients. This challenging adventure should take you further in achieving your goals. We assess every job application seriously, but also want to let you know that the bar is set high. You will be given a lot of responsibility and freedom. You will tackle complex growth challenges. Nymark has ambitious goals for the coming years and needs smart heads to achieve those.

A few guidelines:

  • At least 6-8 years of relevant work experience
  • Sharp-thinker with great mental dexterity
  • English language competent in speech and writing
  • Full-time availability
  • A powerhouse
  • Very independent
  • Very entrepreneurial

Are you a freelancer and looking for a long term assignment? Then you can definitely apply as well. We encourage everyone to look for the degree of autonomy that suits them best. So join us and become part of the Nymark community.


We offer a salary of 4,000-4,700 euros based on 40 hours a week. You agree on your holiday in consultation with your colleagues. We will provide you with a fully equipped home working space including MacBook, video conferencing tools and a 34″ screen. You will have the space to organize your working week yourself. We want you to use the typical Nymark freedom to carry out your assignments optimally. We don’t believe in management. We do believe in creating an environment in which you decide for yourself and feel the drive to excel.

About Nymark Agency.

Nymark translates as “new ground”. We invent and execute digital growth strategies for internationally oriented companies in Smart industries, Education and Energy. New digital ground. A perspective that emerges after solving a complex puzzle: we just love it. Our full story and team can be found here. Nymark consists of a team of Digital Strategists and Senior Marketing Generalists. We hire specialisms from partners and freelancers. Not primarily because of the flexibility of the organisation, but because we always look for the best match for every job. We work together remotely a lot and are completely used to the new way of working. Or rather: the Nymark way of working. We have to because we serve clients in the international playing field in a wide range of services and disciplines. Of course, we also meet regularly at changing locations for inspiration and team spirit.

Inspired? Can’t wait? Get in touch today!
Send your e-mail, letter, video and/or CV to info@nymark.agency.

Join us.

Did you not find
your perfect job?

Do you want to join our core team of strategists, generalists, specialists and creators? But you didn’t find your perfect job on this page? We always welcome open applications.