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Looking back on 2020

If we look back to 2020, the corona pandemic will go down in the books as the end and beginning of an era. A harsh new reality and, for some, a very painful one. Our thoughts are, of course, first and foremost with those who have been hit the hardest.

But, 2020 has also taught us a lot. Inclusion as a theme has finally been taken out of the margins for good and given a prominent place. Businesses now dare to be more transparant, to be more colourful, to have an opinion. And to break with old-fashioned beliefs for good. A movement we embrace at Nymark and which is more important than our and your economic success. As a young agency, we like to be part of that transition. We learn every day and encourage everyone to do the same.

New ground

Our name translates in several Scandinavian languages as new ground. In addition to the philosophy behind the name that loads our brand, we also translate it into a very practical side of Nymark. When we talk about our new ground, we also mean the expanding foundation of our company. It’s about new partners, employees and freelancers and about new inventions, ideas and perspectives.

This year, we intend to be an even more connecting factor for all stakeholders, from friend of the house to client, and far beyond. We will not only go after challenging, unique new assignments, but will also try to carry out the work with the highest possible quality and offer all participants an optimal and fun working experience.

New projects

We have to put our shoulders to the wheel and our noses to the grindstone, you might say. Since the launch of our website and opening our front door, a lot of new opportunities have come our way. We are starting this month with two great projects:

LGEM | SYNALGAE – Digital transformation of marketing and sales & web development
LGem | Synalgae is a merged company active in a growth market. They develop microalgae-photobioreactors for the production of all kinds of algae. It goes without saying that we follow our 5-step approach in order to generate more awareness and turnover in a dynamic B2B market.

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes EU – Digital transformation
Multinational Avery Dennison has decided to bring new perspective to its Performance Tapes division in the EU with a more digital way of working. Nymark dives deep into the market, target group and organization and follows the familiar 5-step approach in a challenging project, in close cooperation with the client.


This month the Kudos are going to Jan van den Brom, co-founder at Agiboo. As Nymark’s launching customer, he has made a major contribution to where we are today. Thanks Jan!


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