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Nymark’s two-year transformation

We discovered and created our ground,

Ready to get started, with you.

On January 1, 2020, Nymark Agency came to life. Since then, we have been working behind the scenes (and in collaboration with a select number of clients) to develop our services. We deliberately took our time, because we wanted to create something robust. In the search for optimal relevance for our customer audiences and a fun, challenging practice for ourselves, over the past two years Nymark has evolved into an atypical service provider of its kind. The origin lies in the extensive experience of Nymark colleagues in all kinds of sub-segments within the commercial domain, such as: Strategy Development, Organizational Consulting, Digital Transformation, (Digital) Marketing, Marketing Automation, Sales and Customer Experience. And it has been the limitations from previous adventures that have led to where we are today. Right now, we feel obliged to really start uncovering the essence of our customer’s challenges. To start at what’s crucial, and not contribute to a quick fix that may actually obscure the true challenge. This approach demands commitment and perseverance, but the fruit is sweet. 

Before we dive into our brand new services, we want to say this: when taking on complex challenges, your greatest ability becomes to simplify things. So, to keep it simple first: Nymark exists to grow your business. We do this through digitization, improving commercial processes and developing and executing a growth strategy. A Nymark strategist paves the way, a project manager coordinates the implementation and growth process, following Nymark’s 5 Stages. However, the reason we have quite a bit of explaining to do is because our clients usually deal with a lot of complexity and we have opted for a very broad and in-depth approach, which (almost) always starts with the most crucial question: how are we going to grow your business?

Integral perspective

If we relate the entire commercial process (all activities that an organization undertakes to market its products or services) to the ideal journey from a customer’s perspective, we often find significant, deep-seated discrepancies in all kinds of phases. And it is understood that an organization is not able to structure itself according to that ideal customer journey overnight. That journey often also differs per pesona or customer group and is constantly subject to change, driven by evolving (customer) behavior and market innovation. 

In this context, one of the key challenges of our time (within our profession, of course: there are much more important global challenges) is to create a cohesive and consistent experience across all phases. Now, we should immediately add a note to that statement: at Nymark, we serve 3 customer groups (Educational Institutions, Tech Scale-Ups & Large Industrial Innovators) that typically deal with a very complex and stretched customer journey, with multiple decision makers and influencers. Traditionally, target audiences then “pass through” Brand/Communications, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service departments. A significant improvement can be achieved, not only by optimizing the processes in the different phases, but especially by aligning these departments and processes. An integral digital infrastructure (with one single source of truth) is part of the solution. Yet we know (and no doubt you as a reader do too) that a (digital) transformation starts with people, and not with technology. In addition to adopting a new modus operandi cross-departmental, it requires just as much of a culture change. That can be an exciting adventure, and with that sensitivity and nuance our team very much enjoys dealing. 

So, at Nymark, we have chosen to cover the full commercial spectrum. To prefer long term improvements over a pragmatic approach. It is fair to say that the moment to embark on such a journey is often put off (too long). However, the program we developed enables the client to remain fully active during the transformation. An implicit change process, starting with an explicit premise. 


First of all, we are not affiliated with any particular technology companies (such as Salesforce, Adobe, Microsoft, HubSpot, etc), nor do we find our basis in a tactical framework that cannot be deviated from. We embrace our independence and freedom simply because we believe that a blank canvas is essential for an optimal transformation. In the Nymark Community, we have attracted partners for all flavors, who can be brought in based on strategic and tactical choices made by the client and Nymark’s strategists. Nevertheless, often enough we find ourselves in the situation where our client has already made certain choices that we can build upon. 

The foundation of our working method, to which we firmly adhere, are the 5 Stages. For each step we undertake to help our clients, we have developed a detailed procedure description, models and templates. In that sense, you could say that our service is modular and can be structured based on an initial in-depth analysis. 

With our 5 Stages we aim to uncover the true challenges, develop a strategic foundation including organizational blueprint (people and process) and design of the digital infrastructure, and work step by step towards an optimal commercial process, seamlessly connecting to the ideal customer journey. 

Stay connected

In the coming months, we will present new case studies to show the practical implementation of our approach, and provide background information to further elevate our work and our challenges. We hope you’ll enjoy following Nymark and sharing your ideas and perspectives so we can become smarter and better, together. 

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