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Creating a foundation that will benefit Avery Dennison for many years to come.

  • Strategy

    Full service, Long term, B2B

  • Client

    Avery Dennison Performance Tapes EU (ADPT)


Digital transformation in the commercial organization at an innovative multinational in Science & Materials


Avery Dennison Performance Tapes (ADPT), a business unit of multinational Avery Dennison, specializes in the development and production of high-quality pressure sensitive adhesives and tapes for a wide range of applications in the automotive, appliance, electronics, building and construction, general industrial and personal care segments. Their top-of-class expertise and global scale enables ADPT to deliver innovative, sustainable, and intelligent solutions to customers around the world.


Better alignment between departments and commercial processes & Digital Lead Generation

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes asked Nymark to guide the digital transformation in the commercial organization, with the following objectives: 1. Better alignment between departments and commercial processes, 2. Digital Lead Generation,

In terms of digital transformation in the commercial organization, you will hardly find a more conservative, or: traditional industry than the one in which ADPT finds itself. Nevertheless, buying behavior is changing at a rapid pace and important touch points in the customer journey (orientation, inspiration, in-depth research) have shifted to online. ADPT therefore decided in 2020 to show its most innovative side in this respect. Not only was a change in working methods and internal coordination envisaged, ultimately to be able to serve the customer more adequately; there was also a very concrete need to build on smart lead generation with a high degree of automation. Without having to compromise on the personal and customer-oriented culture.

What we did

If we study these objectives, we can conclude first of all that they touch the essence of Nymark’s reason for existence and specifically: our proposition. Helping these types of clients (Large Industrial Innovators) to improve all kinds of commercial processes was the guiding principle for the development of our 5 Stage approach. The width (communication, marketing, sales, customer experience), and especially: sequencing (strategy > tactics > execution) in which we can operate, put us in a position to add sufficient value. 

Nymark placed a strategic consultant and project manager and, following an in-depth analysis of the inner and outer world at ADPT (Stage 1), worked closely with the client towards a strategic foundation, including organizational blueprint and design of the new digital infrastructure (Stage 2). In sessions with Avery Dennison’s DICE team, we developed a detailed customer journey and robust buyer persona profiles, and formulated two tactical starting points for lead generation. Next, we took the steps to realize the new digital infrastructure, including new website, CRM optimization, marketing automation platform implementation, and integration off all environments (Stage 3).

In the fall of 2021 it was time for the first lead generation campaign (Stage 4), with which we immediately generated sufficient leads i.e. evidence for the further expansion of the activities in 2022. Simultaneously with this work, we continue to guide the digital transformation in the organization and additional objectives were set. These include more alignment with other regions (North America & Asia Pacific) and the coordination of internal developments regarding the digital roadmap, such as a smart and user-friendly product selector. 

Choosing the right agency

From our client’s perspective, there were a multitude of options in the search for the right agency. From the largest consulting firms to specialist agencies (with the need to drive the project internally). In the end, Nymark was preferred because we are “large enough to guide all facets in digital transformation and support in execution in every area, but also agile enough to adapt to internal dynamics and accelerate (or slow down) when needed.” During the annual review, our contact, Marketing Director Rupert Kichler emphasized that they “made a very good decision” at the time and are very keen to move this forward with us. 

Avery Dennisson Performance Tapes EU Website


During such a profound adventure, you have much to celebrate and much to worry about. That is why the following accomplishments deserve to be mentioned.

Highlight #1

The overarching strategic plan

A strategic plan, including design of digital infrastructure.

Highlight #2

Launch of the new website

Highlight #3

Full implementation of Act-on marketing platform

Including a smart master list, lead scoring mechanisms and future-proof data infrastructure.

Highlight #4

Culture change in terms of digital activities

Approaching digital transformation and its benefits in a whole new way.

Highlight #5

First results of the campaign

Seeing the impact of our work.

Future plans

Looking forward

Until now (Feb ’22) we have created a foundation that will benefit ADPT for many years to come. The coming months and years will be marked by the generation of high returns of the investment made and the further development of the 360 customer perspective and 360 product perspective in the organization and digital infrastructure.

Further aligning all commercial processes to realize a state of the art cohesive commercial engine. We are launching multiple content campaigns, continue to develop the website and start learning from and anticipating on all the customer behavior we are now tracking and measuring. Let’s go, Beyond Digital. 

Last but not least: huge shout out to all of our partners and freelancers in the Nymark Community! Let that be heard! 

Let’s collaborate

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