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A greener future with Lgem

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Digital transformation and execution for a greener future: bringing the spotlight to algae production solutions.


Where most people think of a green pond when they hear the word algae, Lgem thinks of an opportunity for a greener future. Through their photobioreactor systems, they bring a solution for producing algae at a variety of scales. From research to mass production facilities and from animal feed to cosmetic purposes, Lgem is bringing algae solutions to the world. In this case study, find out how Nymark is supporting Lgem in achieving their goals.

The algae industry is relatively young, with early adopters investing in systems that can help them produce different strains of algae for different end products. From feed for cattle to green smoothies and (vitamin) supplements, the value chain and application of algae is becoming broader every day. The algae industry is about to undergo exponential growth and Lgem knew this was the time to achieve their accelerate, double down on their commercial transformation and develop a solid plan for the future. 


Finding a structured way to achieve (long term) goals

In Nymark’s 5 stage approach, we always start with a strategic, long term approach to digital transformation and execution. Starting with a commercial strategy, the focus was on Lgem’s customers. Creating buyer personas by interviewing customers and doing in-depth market research, and integrating this in a customer journey. Together with stakeholders like Lgem’s chain partners, a solid foundation was built: a strategy that helps Lgem achieve their goals. 


Highlighting a unique value proposition

From the AlgaeHUB research facility, helping Lgem customers derisk their investments, to patented technologies that are making waves in the industry. In the world of algae production, there are many companies who offer a similar, yet different product than Lgem. With patented technologies like WavyWind and BubbleBrush, and their AlgaeHUB research facility, Lgem has a unique proposition in the market, and it was time for their potential customers to see this too. Through the foundational work done for the long term strategy, the key attributes of the value proposition were extracted from the research. Then, these attributes were translated into actionable content pieces for different platforms. 


A website that represents a greener future

Bringing a unique value proposition to the web. Using the strategic approach from Stage 1 and 2, Nymark’s designer Martin translated the strategy into a clean and comprehensive design. After this, developers Patrick and Demis developed the technical framework for this design to shine on. Nymark’s copywriter Rob came together with Lgem, using the unique value proposition and long term strategy to create a comprehensive approach to the written content on the website. Bringing together design, development, content marketing and copywriting, lgem.com has become the resource for any potential Lgem customer to get all the information they need.


An optimized sales process

From the first interaction to the closing of the deal, Lgem laid out the challenge of centralizing and optimizing the sales process. Using the customer journey as our starting point, we looked at the process together with the main stakeholders. What matters most in what stage of the process for each type of customer, and how can Lgem support them in their decision making process? By mapping out the steps in the process, it became clear what tooling was necessary in service op optimizing the process for Lgem. Using HubSpot, Lgem is now able to capture lead information for any variety of their buyer persona, at any point in their customer journey. With HubSpot as their starting point, Lgem is able to streamline their sales process. A clear process, a tool that supports the team and potential clients served timely through a centra system.


Ongoing practical implementation

Turning digital transformation into digital execution. While the previous challenges reflected practical examples, Nymark understands that an integrated approach matters more than anything else. A good strategy does not succeed without excellence in execution. This approach has Lgem benefit from ongoing development of the commercial process, but also practical implementation of tooling and strategies. Setting up and streamlining a tool like HubSpot, implementing the SEO strategy, and creating powerful content to achieve Lgem’s big goals. From blogs to whitepapers, Lgem’s story is being told through a variety of channels.

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