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Nymark as an international digital agency for Smart industries, Energy and Education.

Smart marketing for Smart industries

At Nymark, we love companies that have unique competence, expertise and occupy a distinctive market position. Sometimes they are leading in their sector, but not always known to the general public. We want to help them accelerate their growth in a smart and agile way. Long-term, sustainable and consistent. These one of a kind companies usually focus mainly on product development. That’s their raison d’etre. A deep-rooted passion for what they imagine, design and create. The further development of smart technological innovations has priority: marketing will follow later. At the same time, there is often a need to acquire customers. Not only to test the products or services developed and evaluate customer experiences, but also to generate liquidity for future investments. Urgent short-term objectives then lead to a traditional sales approach. A pragmatic way of working is developed, which is often quite successful in the beginning. The product is new, sells itself and the competitive field is relatively sparsely populated. It only becomes difficult as soon as those characteristics change. As soon as more leads need to be generated and a higher conversion rate needs to be achieved. And if there’s one thing you can say about an old-school linear sales approach: it’s incredibly time-consuming and inefficient in the long run.

The biggest advantage that our clients in Smart industries gain after we have made their marketing smarter and more integrated is that they have plenty of time left over. Instead of your sales team searching the web for 100 potential customers, not knowing if the momentum is right approaching them, you can automate a lot of that time-consuming work: make sure that leads find your product at the right moment and use the time you’ve saved to give only qualified and relevant leads a lot of attention.

Smart marketing for Education

Education is a crucial part of global society. We strongly believe in high-level, accessible and free education for everyone. It is the driving force behind innovation and solving global problems. Education is constantly and rapidly changing. It is becoming more digital, more customized and more complex. Young people increasingly feel that it is possible to make dreams come true and technology enables us to meet their specific needs. Unfortunately, this is not the case in every part of the world. As far as we are concerned, this has to change quickly. We find the above alone sufficient enough reason to contribute to this in our own way.

So, how are you going to contribute to that as a digital agency? Isn’t that a task for governments and society in general? Of course it is primarily, but every day intelligent innovations are made in the field of education. Think of e-learning, virtual reality and other new forms of knowledge sharing. The biggest challenge lies in making education accessible to everyone. All over the world. To solve the increasing large-scale problem of the lack of teachers. To make education more sustainable and effective, without compromising the social aspect.

A lot of work to do, starting with challenging a complex challenge: our cup of tea. We want to help universities and schools to attract and engage with new students and teachers all over the world. We want to help technology partners in education to implement their innovations. We want a bright future for education.

Smart marketing for Energy

Not a positive opening statement as you might expect: we are worried. Worried about the world and the lack of awareness that climate change will drastically change our lives. Of course, energy is badly needed to move forward. To innovate and to grow. However, we will have to start using the most sustainable and effective ways of generating energy to comply with the global energy agreement. And more importantly: to offer future generations a chance of a pleasant life. That starts with every individual, on a micro level. And at the same time, it must be tangible on a macro level.

New energy concepts often start very small. Sometimes in laboratories, sometimes in sectors where you least expect it. From internal combustion support with hydrogen, which provides considerable fuel savings in diesel engines, to an off-grid energy system that allows horticultural companies (greenhouses) to generate and store their own energy using solar energy and thermal energy storage. That is, in a sense, where our future lies. At Nymark, we find it extremely interesting to help those energy start-ups and scale-ups spread their products and ideas widely. To give them a serious chance of success by generating more involvement from potential stakeholders and customers, but also by increasing support from the general public. We want to help them grow, to interact with their target groups, influencers and ultimately achieve their intended change in energy culture.

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