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A new perspective
that emerges after solving
a complex puzzle:
we just love it.

“Ny mark” means “new ground”. We invent and execute digital growth strategies for internationally oriented companies in the areas of Smart Industries, Education and Energy. New digital ground. We are driven by complex challenges and are always aiming for deep innovation. After all, it is this search for contrast that continues to challenge us personally and provides us with the right energy in a partnership. And it is a very rewarding experience when your clients literally see their digital world change and never thought it could be so much smarter and more efficient.

Inventiveness, willfulness and independence are of paramount importance to us. With creativity and technology leading the way, we create experiences that are seamlessly aligned with our clients’ values. Our team of experts cover the full digital spectrum and know what suits your brand and organization best. They will make sincere and independent judgments at all times, even if that means you won’t choose us. 

We challenge today’s standards in all areas as we’re trying to build the digital agency of the future. Our employees, freelancers and partners are of equal value to us. We encourage everyone to look for the degree of autonomy in their professional life that suits them best. And we solve the need for synergy and cohesion with a strong culture. This approach leads to a solid, international network of the best and brightest professionals. 


People & partners

Jean-Pierre Joos

Chief Value Officer

Martin van Kemenade

Functional & Graphic Designer

David Efdé

Sr. UX Designer

Patrick Houtman

Software Architect

Andries van Oers

CEO & strategist

Pieternel van Oers


Rob Nijman

Content Specialist

Lisette van der Valk

Generalist, Project Manager

Fiona Yauw

Video Creator

Arjen Boerhout

Coordinator Agency Development

Ralf van Veen


Lisa Mulder

Generalist, Project Manager

Charlotte Struijk

Project Manager


Nymark has a close relationship with its sister company EMG. EMG is a leading international communication agency that is specialised in industrial (B2B) media relations and marketing communications. EMG has a deep understanding of technical & industrial markets and an expertise in connecting with target audiences. EMG has a team of 40 people with offices in The Netherlands and China.

Leerstoel Contentmarketing

Nymark’s CEO Andries van Oers is chairman of the Stichting Leerstoel Contentmarketing, affiliated with the University of Amsterdam (www.uva.nl). Together with an extraordinary professor, Prof. Dr. E. (Ed) Peelen, they are trying to professionalize the content marketing profession from a business community and to bridge the gap between theory (communication sciences) and practice.

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