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The benefits of a smart marketing platform

You have been using a relatively effective method for generating leads and acquiring customers for years. Your organization is structured accordingly and the working method is well established. You may use a sales CRM, e-mail marketing tool and a tool for website analytics. Why change something that works? What do you gain from that?

If you ask our clients what an integrated marketing platform means to them, it essentially comes down to saving time. This reduction in time is, of course, a result of smart integrations and interfaces, automation and better collaboration between departments. But the efficiency you gain is what’s being noticed (and celebrated). More time to build your organization and to better help and guide customers and leads.

It will surprise you (or perhaps not) how many companies, even larger ones, still use a linear and traditional approach. That fact is also the reason for our existence. You can look at Nymark and see a website development agency and marketing service provider, but in fact we help companies to innovate their approach and organization in marketing, sales, service and technology. And more importantly, to save time. After all, that gain of efficiency is necessary for them to survive. In that sense you can conclude that companies have no choice in the long-term.

Human resources are needed in other departments, for innovation, product development, strategy and onboarding employees and new clients. And although we try to save time, we do want to remain social and human in communication. The experience for your clients must feel sincere and relevant. Replacing human work with technology and automating key processes in the customer journey is easier said than done. But if you do it well, step by step, it can be very rewarding.

How can you achieve more efficiency with a smart marketing platform?


For example, if you look at HubSpot’s technology, one of the most comprehensive yet intuitive technologies on the market, you will see that they have developed their product for the entire customer journey. Attract, Engage, Delight. Marketing, Sales, Service. Previously separate departments, which often did not even consult each other on a weekly or monthly basis. HubSpot thus breaks through the silo mentality with the application of technology. You follow the customer in their journey from a central CRM and don’t lose any important history as soon as they enter the next phase. If HubSpot is implemented properly, a few years later you still know what journey they followed to become a customer. The time saved on this aspect is mainly in the centralization of data and a more efficient working method. One system, for several departments.


The better systems available, such as HubSpot, Marketo and Salesforce, offer far-reaching possibilities to automate elements within different phases of the customer journey. Think of automatically following up a download of a white paper by e-mail, automating e-mail marketing, offering relevant content in a pop-up when visiting your website several times in one week, or offering chat to a returning website visitor. That used to be all human work. And often not even possible due to the lack of identifying behaviour on your website, social media channels or search engines. The further development of marketing automation (and sales/service automation) goes very fast. We can increasingly outsource technology and wait with human follow-ups until that is really desirable or necessary.

Data & insights

In the 60’s the game was played by clever, creative advertisers. If you’ve seen the series Mad Men then you may have been impressed by the way ideas were created. How successes were achieved. Nowadays campaigns are developed on a solid basis of data and insights. On trend analyses and current and predicted market sentiments. At least, that’s what marketeers recommend. After all, these data and insights give you something to hold on to in your marketing and brand policy. It tells you what your target group finds relevant, how they respond to your actions and which optimizations are needed. In this case, time is saved due to good preparation. A well-substantiated start is half the battle. In systems such as Eloqua, HubSpot and Salesforce, this data is collected for you. You can see which campaigns are performing well and which aren’t. Where your leads come from, what their behaviour is on your website and how they use your channels in their decision-making. It tells you how to improve your marketing, sales and service.

Would you like to know which system is the best fit for you and how you can save significant time? Then get in touch with one of our strategists. We will be happy to help you with this important, complex, challenging, but necessary step.

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